We supply contract management to some of our customers, warehousing and transport activities, meeting customers requirements and deliverables. We are fully skilled and experienced management team, which enables critical decisions to be made quickly without delay or impact on customer service. As a result this leads to a more efficient operation with the flexibility to meet all customer needs and expectations.

We are a fully licensed international haulage company. With full goods in transit insurance and liability cover. All policies available on request.

Fleet Tracking

All our vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system, this give us a full history of each vehicle at any given time, this enables us and the customer to pinpoint any vehicle and its status at any time. The tracking system also enables us to retrieve historical delivery times.

Temperature Tracking

All our refrigerated Trailers/Rigids fitted with state of the art temperature tracking systems.

This enables real time information about the trailer to be available to the customer and ourselves. The tracking system also enables us to retrieve historical temperatures at point of delivery.

Member of The Irish Road Haulage Association

Zellwood Ltd. carry out transport and storage under the conditions set out by IRHA (2008 conditions).

Please note that IRHA (2008 conditions) are applicable to National carriage movements, inclusive of all UK-Ireland movements and anything outside these boundaries are transported under CMR conditions.

Conditions of Carriage are available on request.

The IRHA also provide information and advice to our industry.

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